We find a lot of transition metal on roofs with a lot of it poorly installed. Today we explain and show an example of transition metal along with a solution for ensuring you don’t get a leak in your roof.


This is Roof Life of Oregon, we’re out at a roof today taking a look at transition metal, which is the part where the metal transitions from the roof to allow water to flow freely from the top to the bottom. As you can see here, the transition metal is bent up, and this is a result of using poor fasteners. This metal should be nailed down tight, not bent up as you can see in front of us here. So the solution for this that we would do is come out nail it down using ring shank neoprene nails to ensure it’s all the way down and working right for your roof. The benefit of this is that the water is able to flow freely down your roof and wind driven rain won’t be able to get up under the metal and into your shingles which will cause bigger problems than we’re seeing here today. So the best way to cure this is to have us come out, do a full roof inspection, and we can take a look to make sure you’re roof is working right and lasting long.

As stated in the video, to ensure your transition metal is in working order a professional roof contractor should examine your entire roof and its components. Fortunately we offer free roof maintenance estimates by calling [503-925-0125] or filling out our convenient roof maintenance form.

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