Flashings are vitally important to the health of your roof! They prevent water from entering your home in vulnerable areas, such as : valleys, where the siding meets the roof, and gutter lines. Flashings are also called Transition Metal. There are many flashings that we use on your home:

Roof to Wall: used when the roof peaks at a wall
Step: used when the roof meets a wall
Pan Metal: used above and below chimneys and skylights
Kick-out: used at the bottom of step flashings to divert water into gutters.

This home is missing a Step Flashing which is needed where the roof meets the wall. There should be at least 1 inch of metal sticking out above the roof line. This metal protects your home from water running down the roof to the gutters. This shows two views of the damage that missing flashings can cause to your home. This home suffers from dry rot and siding damage.

This home is almost there…..they have a step flashing in place, but they are missing a kick-out flashing. A kickout flashing diverts the water into the gutters. As you can see without this kickout flashing the water running down the step flashing will drip right onto the siding below, creating problems later on.

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