cedar_shakes_truckload.jpgIt may have gone unnoticed by most, but this morning another super sized load of freshly milled and preserved shakes rolled into Portland from Canada. These were not your run of the mill cedar shakes, the kind you can buy anywhere. These are not the kind of shakes the builders used on your home that end up needing constant attention and care. At Roof Life of Oregon, we think a custom ordered shake is the best way to start a re-roofing project. You get the best wood designed just for you.

Patrick_Morin_shakes.jpgThese shakes are milled for you per the request of Patrick D. Morin at Roof Life of Oregon. All of them are 100% clear vertical grain and edge trimmed, all of the highest caliber. Then they are pressure treated and put through a “fixing process” that sets the preservative and gives you one of the lowest maintenance roofs in Portland.

The tree that provided the raw material took 100-200 years to grow, and then 50 years to harvest. Loggers bring the cedar down when harvesting spruce, hemlock, and fir – species of lumber mostly used in the building of homes. When these big giants are found as “downed” or “dead”, they are cut into mill/usable sizes. Only then, can you have a chance to purchase what is truly considered the best roofing material in the industry. If the loggers didn’t bring the dead fall down, the cedar would just rot in the woods. That would be a shame!

vertical_grain_cedar_shakes.jpgJust look at all the good that happens when you choose to use cedar roofing. You increase your insulation by 50%. It’s gorgeous and makes your home and buildings look better; a renewable resource with vast reserves. Cedar’s carbon footprint is the smallest of all roofing material. It’s affordable and if put together with the right components, it will last 30-50 years. (The right components include decades of experience plus Feltex underlayment, stainless steel fasteners, lead pipe flashings, and correct ventilation)

Let us know if we can help you with your new roof. Call Roof Life of Oregon at 503-925-0125.

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