How do you know when you have too many repairs on a shake roof? How to know when it’s time to choose between roof repair vs replacement? It’s actually pretty simple.

When we walk your shake roof, we’re counting. A square of roofing is 10×10 feet and inside that square are 200 shakes.  If over ten percent, or 20 shakes, have had repairs, we need to handle it. That might just mean putting metal shims under it and planning to replace it in a few years.

Should have been replaceNow, if you have 20-30 percent, or 40-60 shakes, that have been repaired, that’s a whole different ballgame. That amount of repairs means you pulled shakes out, worked on them, replaced them, and put plenty of holes in that underlayment.

With that many repairs, the roof has been disturbed greatly, and it’s more than likely going to start to leak. Your shakes are protecting the paper that keeps water out of your home. When we see that high of a percentage of repairs, it’s a big clue that it’s probably time to replace your roof.

When you call us out for a well care inspection, we’re going to check for those issues. We’ll give you the information you need to know if your roof is extendable, or if you need to plan to replace it.

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