I hear it a lot from my customers in the greater Portland area: “I’m so sick and tired of cleaning out my rain gutters. I love the trees, but man, what a mess they make out of my gutters! My gutters are too high for me to reach and I need some help. Why do my downspouts always plug up?” So what can you do about cleaning rain gutters?

When it comes to gutter debris issues we hear it all, as a roof maintenance company, we are called on to do a lot of your dirty work. Cleaning your gutters is just one of them. We don’t mind until you start complaining about how much you see us! That’s when I knew I had to go out and find a solution.

Good looking, long term gutter debris protection is the solution. I believe Rain Flow USA is currently the best gutter guard on the market. I like it because it’s affordable, out of sight from the ground and of course it works. The manufacturer warranties it for 20 years and produces different shapes and sizes that will fit any type of gutter you may have, including round, copper, aluminum and seamless.

Update: Rooflife no longer installs gutter systems.

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