Tile roofs have many weather resistant elements and are great for Portland. But without proper maintenance and care, you could spring a leak caused by concrete sloughing.

The outside of concrete tile oxidizes and sloughs off over time. That sloughing action creates a very fine silt of concrete and sand that sits in the valleys. The valleys are meant to channel water off of your roof. But when you combine that sand and silt, plus mud, dead plants and other debris in those valleys, you create a dam.

If water is allowed to hit that dam and spill out repeatedly, it can wear out your roof and cause a major leak. Most folks with tile roofs don’t realize that you’ve got to get up there and clean those channels out.

At Roof Life of Oregon, we recommend maintenance on tile roofs every three years. Our treatment will coat the tile, and prevent that sloughing off of concrete. You still will have debris and other natural occurrences, but the treatment will greatly reduce the chances of a dam forming in a valley.

So just give us a call and we’ll come out to your home to test a small part of your tile roof to see how it is progressing. You’ll want to get on our maintenance program as soon as you can to avoid a future leak.

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