Three-tab shingles are one of the most common shingles available, partly because they’re not that expensive to install. But understand that when you have a three-tab roof, you’re going to need regular maintenance from a company who knows how to handle them.

Most folks have a three-tab roof on their home because the previous owner wanted to get a cheap roof on it and fast. I like to think of them like the old Yugo car from the mid-eighties: you drove it once and then you threw it away, because it fell apart.

An unmaintained, three-tab roof lasts about fifteen years (on a good day). With regular maintenance, we can push that roof to last about five or six more years. However, remember that because they are so thin, once moss gets in the verticals, there’s nothing we can do.

It’s best to call us sooner, rather than later. We can get up there, gently clean off the roof and extend it a few years. It’s a delicate shingle, and we know how to work with it. With those extra years, you can save your pennies and nickels so that you can replace with a great architectural roof when you’re ready.



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