This may sound like the start of a great April Fools Day post, but their is no joke about Roof Life of Oregon’s business. I’ve had the privilege of riding around with Patrick D. Morin, CEO and Founder, and I’m completely convinced that Roof Life of Oregon will always have business coming through its doors.

I’ve worked in the advertising, financial, music, service, and sports industries and never before did one of those organizations make the commitments or guarantees that Roof Life of Oregon makes. They are one of the few organizations, through a recession, that are seeing an increase in business and therefore increase in staffing needs. It’s because of the ‘No-Leak Guarantee’ they make on all of their work.

Think about it. If Roof Life of Oregon works on your roof, and it leaks, they will fix it FREE of charge. Only a company that firmly believes in their product and process would make a commitment like that. Support that commitment with 27 years of business and you have one of the most successful companies in all of Oregon.

That success wont be stopping anytime soon. A roof, just like your teeth, is a necessity that does not have a lifetime guarantee. No matter how well you take care of it, eventually it’s going to wear out and need to be replaced. Roof Life of Oregon helps maintain your current roof and when it wears out, they’re there to help you replace it too.

As long as weather patterns and wind exist roofs will need to be maintained and replaced. Unless you want to replace your roof more frequently you’re better off staying away from home remedies, Home Depot solutions, or companies that use a zinc sulfate solution to treat roofs. Homeowners that rely on these products or processes will have to replace their roof at least two times more quickly than using Roof Life’s system. You will save money short term, but that only means a larger bill looming even closer than normal.

The combination of business tenure, service guaranteed, and weather patterns is what gives me the confidence and conviction that Roof Life of Oregon will continue to sustain long term. There’s value in having a sustainable roof over your head and there’s value in having a trusted company that can provide it. Roof Life of Oregon is that company and they’re not going away any time soon.

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