Ventilation for your attic is essential for a healthy home and roof. Unfortunately, many roofers don’t understand what vents are necessary to move moisture and heat from your bathroom and kitchen properly.

Mistakes are first made when builders are constructing the house. They put the roof on before they do any of the inside plumbing to make sure the home is weather-tight. The problem is that the roofers put the ventilation in for the attic without taking into account kitchen or bathroom vents.

When the HVAC guys hook up the bathrooms and kitchens, they run the hoses to the attic and need somewhere to put them. Then end up running them into a plastic or metal vent on the roof. That’s the wrong vent and can cause major ventilation issues.

We at Roof Life of Oregon go to a ventilation class every year. And that’s how we’ve learned that those can vents aren’t designed for that type of ventilation. When the bathroom fan kicks on, for instance, it’s not going to get outside like it should. Some of it will, but much of it is going right back into the attack. So all that moisture from the bathroom and grease from the kitchen just sits in your attic.

The right vent is a stem vent. It has a hood and a flapper on the inside, with a stem that sticks down through the roof. The pipe that comes from the bathroom fan goes all the way up, connects to that stem, and now when you turn on that fan, the flap opens up and lets everything out.

With maintenance, if we see the wrong vents, we can correct it. But with re-roofing, we are going to make sure it’s done right every single time. That way, your attic is healthy and your roof will last you much longer.

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