What’s a subtle, but easy way to tell your roofing contractor has screwed up your roof? Take a closeup look at your roof ridge!

It’s difficult to know if the ridge is installed improperly if you don’t know what to look at. The roof ridge is the top of the roof, or in this case the row just above my head’s shadow. You can see, if you follow the length of the visible ridge, that the layer just below the ridge it makes a triangle looking formation. It isn’t uniform looking because it’s installed incorrectly. You wouldn’t be able to see an extra row of shingles below the ridge if it was installed properly.

Unfortunately we have no corrective recommendations for this problem it’s just a case of poor workmanship. Which is why if your roofing contractor doesn’t offer you a lifetime workmanship warranty all bets are off on what types of problems you’ll find with your roof.

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