Roof leaks, as discussed yesterday, is one of the results of not properly maintaining your roof. A lot of things can happen to the condition of your roof in between the time of a being maintained and having a roof leak problem. One of the common problems, and a sure sign that you may need a roof replacement, is the condition we call wet rot.

Our team member Ken explains below exactly what the condition of wet rot is and how it’s caused.


Hi this is Ken, Roof Life of Oregon; we’re on a roof here in Lake Oswego Oregon today that as you can see has a lot of broad leaves and a lot of beautiful trees surrounding it. One of the problems with the trees if you don’t properly maintain your roof you drastically lose a lot of lifespan with the roof. What we’re looking at today specifically is a wood shake roof that I’m going to show you what wet rot looks like. On the top of the shake it actually has a real resilient feel, very firm, very solid. The problem is when you look at the shake from the bottom side, as you can see this just basically rotted away, you can just see how punky and porous the wood is from the bottom. That’s just a condition from being constantly wet and the environment for the shake never has a chance to dry out resulting in what we refer to as wet rot. Once again the top surface is very resilient it’s just the bottom has rotted away. By not properly blowing off the roof, and maintaining the roof, you drastically shorten the life cycle.

There’s no way to tell you have wet rot until it’s too late. Be proactive. All it takes is a phone call [503-925-0125] or filling out our roof estimate form to determine or prevent wet rot from occurring on your roof.

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