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The Complexity of Tile to Composition

Posted November 8, 2016 by Daniel White

You pretty much have to change the entire structure of a roof to tear off a tile roof, and replace it with composition. Beware of the contractor that bids the job at half of the other companiesthis is not an easy transitionYou need to do some research and gather bids so you have a range and can understand the roof replacement price you’re being quoted. You also need to do some research to find out what kind of work your contractor does, and what goes into the process of replacing a roof- especially if you’re switching materials.

When you tear off a tile roof, you’ve got to change everything from ventilation to gutters. There are boards underneath that elevate the tile. When you tear off the tile, all the fascia boards and bargeboards have to be removed and reset. It’s a completely different style of roof, and it’s not something that can be done quickly.Tile Roof Repair

I recently serviced a home that had gone from a tile roof to a composition roof. The contractor tore off the tile and, rather than removing the boards, he took a saw and ripped a cut all the way across it to drop it down. Now the roof doesn’t sit straight. It comes down and has a weird dip at the end. That dip fills with water and when it gets full, it runs into the gutter. It’s no good.

The contractor probably bid the roof low, tore off the composition and then realized what he was up against. He took shortcuts and now this customer is dealing with a failing roof.

To handle this transition correctly, it’s going to cost you. Take a pause before you hire the contractor that’s cheaper than all the rest. What are they missing? Have they taken off a tile roof? Roof Life of Oregon knows what it takes to do it the right way. Schedule a free roof estimate today.

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