The effects of not properly maintaining your roof are very noticeable as we discussed roof leaks and wet rot earlier this week.

The photo below shows a great comparison between a roof properly maintained using the Roof Life of Oregon roof maintenance process, roofs choosing a competitors process, and roofs choosing not to do anything.

All of the roofs in the picture are 15-20 years old, but some have aged better than others. The natural light ash gray roof in the center of the photo is the roof that’s used the Roof Life of Oregon process. This roof was treated approximately six to nine months ago allowing the treatment process to completely clean off the roof. Other roofs in the distance have varying shades of color. The darker the roof appears the more infested it is with moss, algae, or lichen.

Dark brown or black is not the natural color of cedar and can only be obtained by not performing regular roof maintenance. The longer debris sits on your roof the more likely it is to turn your roof’s color from a natural light ash gray to a dark and murky black. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, keeping the debris off your roof could increase your roof’s life 15 even 20 years beyond the manufacture’s warranty. For more information on the benefits of keeping roof debris off your roof give us at call at [503-925-0125] or contact us via our free estimate form.

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