This kind of exposure happens all across the Greater Portland, Oregon Area and Roof Life of Oregon wants to help you be sure that your roof holds up against our specific weather climate. If it has been a while since you’ve been up there, let Roof Life of Oregon come and take a look, we offer a Free Estimate for your convenience. We look forward to serving you.

To read the scripted video, see below:

This is Patrick Morin, Roof Life of Oregon. Jan 29th 2010 and I’m on a 11yr old ½” cedar shake house and I want to show you a south exposure vs. an eastern exposure. If I can get Ken to zero in down here, these are called erosion holes. This is just that the water has worn the wood away, this is felt paper. Here is another one here and here’s another one up here. And these are just normal repairs after 11 years. I very quickly want to show you an eastern exposure on the same roof and you’ll notice that there is not one erosion hole. I am looking at this square and a half of material and there is not one bad shake, not one bad exposure and that is how roofs wear out. In Portland, OR the southwest takes all the abuse and the northeast gets a free ride. If you get debris and everything on the roof then of course you got to keep the debris blown off so it doesn’t decay; other than just a quick little snippet on south facing roofs vs. east facing roofs. Thank you.

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