Rotten_Felt_Paper.jpgAlmost looks like snakebite doesn’t it? This picture shows the staple holes from beneath a cedar shake. The felt underlayment material should not be rotted away. It’s one of many such holes we found on a 6-year-old roof in West Linn, Oregon. The homeowner called us because this roof was leaking in at least 20 places! When we took the roof apart, we found what you’re seeing in the picture. When you’ve seen as many roofs as we have, solving this mystery was a piece of cake.

We asked the homeowner if he knew who roofed his home. He confirmed that it was a local roofing contractor, still in business in Portland. This should have been a super roof! It was installed with ¾ inch, 50-year CCA, treated cedar shakes. Other than routine maintenance, this roof should have outlived the homeowner! We advised the homeowner to contact the roofing contractor to get his roof replaced under a workmanship warranty.

The reason for this roof’s failure was that the installation crew over-drove the staples. As the cedar shakes expanded and contracted, holes were created. Once created, rainwater could reach the felt paper on a consistent basis. The constant exposure to moisture wore out the felt paper in a very short time, allowing water to leak into this home in about 16 areas. This scenario is not fixable and the roof must be re-placed.

At Roof Life of Oregon, we always use individual regulators on each nailing gun. These regulators are adjusted to deliver the perfect set to each fastener or staple. Most roofing crews are paid according to the speed at which they apply shingles. They either go fast or starve. Roof Life of Oregon’s roofing experts are all paid by the hour. In addition, they receive safety bonuses. This assures you that correct procedures are supported and sustained with fair compensation. We follow our strict installation procedures and policies to the letter every day. It keeps us from having to come back and replace roofs.

The National Roofing Contractors Association reports that it takes 6 years for the first signs of poor workmanship to become a problem to a home owner. Now, think about this: 70% of all roofing contractors are out of business in 5 years! 90% are out of business in seven years. Most reputable roofing contractors have a two to five year workmanship warranty. Very few offer a longer protection. Roof Life of Oregon is the only roofing contractor in Portland that offers a lifetime transferable workmanship warranty on all of our roofs. Yes, that’s right. Lifetime. Transferable. Workmanship Warranty.

Our West Linn homeowner was very lucky; his contractor was still in business and determined it was his staff’s oversight that caused the problem. The fasteners were over driven into the shakes damaging the structure of the wood. As the shakes expanded and contracted with the seasons, the small amount of cedar under the fastener gave way in hundreds of places. This improper installation allowed a continual exposure to the elements, which rotted out the paper under every one of the staples in just 6 years. No wonder his roof was leaking everywhere. Even though the roofing contractor used good cedar shakes, his installation crew did not use regulators on the nail guns. This was a $35,000 mistake!

shinglenail.jpgJust because you have a composition roof, doesn’t mean this can’t happen to you. If the installation crew nails the shingles on your roof outside of the nail strip, similar failure is bound to happen. Whether the shingle is nailed too high or too low, it will not last and will fail prematurely. If the fastener is high, the wind shear will tear the shingle off. If the fastener is low, wind driven rain will  come through the hole and your roof will leak like a sieve.

If you want your roof put on right, backed up with the best workmanship warranty in the Portland market, using only time proven techniques and top of the line products, consider Roof Life of Oregon, at your service since 1983.

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