If you are thinking of painting your pipe flashing to help them blend with the roof, it’s going to look good for two, maybe three years, and then it’s going to look pretty awful.

Even if you use what’s called roofer’s paint, it’s not going to last. I was up on a four-year-old roof this week that needed a bit of maintenance but otherwise looked great. That was until I got to the pipe flashings. The installer wanted to make them look nice from the ground up, so they painted them to match the roof. But a few years later, all you see are flakes of paint.

If you want a flashing that’s going to match the roof without painting it, they make something called an ultimate pipe flashing. It has baked-on enamel, so it looks really nice and will last the lifetime of the roof.  

Painting is really a cheap solution to make your flashing or other roof components look temporarily nice.  But if it’s not baked on at the factory and it’s painted with a rattle can, it’s going to look terrible in the long run. Just install a nicer flashing that’s built to look good and last the lifetime of your roof.

Painted Pipe Flash Screen ShotsHere are some side-by-side screen shots from a video I shot on a roof a couple weeks ago. If it ain’t broke…

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