Here’s a review we received from Timothy D. in NW Portland:

My experience with Roof Life was perfectly fine.

I needed some maintenance done to my cedar shake roof and contacted them by email to get one of their guys out for an estimate. They followed up by both email and telephone to arrange a date. Many homes in my neighborhood had recently been doing full roof replacements of their shake roofs for Architectural shingles and so I had a lot of questions for their estimator about relative cost, advantages, etc., and if I needed to consider that in my case instead of just a maintenance. After he did his inspection he said that I needed only about 5% of my shakes to be replaced/repaired (which I thought was pretty good since my roof is about 20yrs old now, with only sporadic maintenance being done in that time) so his recommendation was that I had plenty of life left in my roof and just a maintenance and treatment for moss/algae growth was all that was needed. I thought it was good that he didn’t try to sell me on a full replacement (which they also do) when a maintenance is all that was needed.
The entire service had three different parts in my case (shake repair, gutter cleaning, spray treatment) so they had to be scheduled separately and not all ahead of time, especially the spray treatment since it was weather dependent. That wasn’t a problem for me.

I was notified ahead of time by phone to confirm the date for each crew coming out to do their step and each crew did a thorough job. The inspection guy called back after each time to confirm that I was satisfied with each crew’s work and if there was anything they needed to do / fix before going on to the next step. I thought that was a pretty professional way to approach a multi step job.

The specific cedar shake treatment is applied when the weather is dry but is activated by subsequent rains, so it will be a while till it rains enough for me to see the full “cleaning” effect on the shakes that the treatment is supposed to provide. Since they have a multi year guarantee for this particular treatment, if anything doesn’t seem to have “worked”, then I can just give them a call and they will come out and retreat it. Since they have been in this area for a number of years, I have no worry that they will still be around to take care of this if I need them to. So I’m satisfied with their service and professional attention and a few years from now when it comes time to see if I need another update/treatment (past their warranty period) I’ll be giving them a call.

I gave them 4 stars at this time because, like I said above, the treatment needs some rainy days to take effect and I have to see the degree to which that works out. If it works out like they said, and lasts for the number of years they said, then there would be no reason why I wouldn’t give them a 5 star rating.

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