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Secrets of Roof Life Part 2: What We’ve Learned

Posted April 1, 2016 by Patrick Morin
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We’ve been in business for over thirty-four years, and we’ve learned a lot about serving you, the consumer, along the way.

You don’t know it, but we have a meeting every Tuesday where we talk about you for two hours. Fourteen of us gather in our conference room and ask ourselves how we can exceed your expectations. How can we deliver the best product in Portland? 

One of the most important things we’ve learned is that we need to pay our guys by the hour and manage them. It works much better than turning the technicians loose to go as fast as they can go. We’ve found that you get a more quality roof, if you pay them to slow down and take their time.

We’ve also learned that we have to listen to you. You live in your home every single day and know what’s going on. When we come to your home as a consultant, we want you to explain your concerns. And we’re going to listen. I think that’s one of the biggest things that sets us apart.

You want to be able to leave your home and have peace of mind that your roof is going to hold up, no matter what Oregon weather is around the corner. We’ve learned a lot about how to best serve you, and we’ll always be striving to learn more.

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