…say what?!

Roof jargon can be overwhelming, and honestly, a lot of roofers will use to confuse you. Roof Life of Oregon is here to do the opposite of that. We want to make things completely transparent so that you can make an informed decision for your roof.

 So let’s clarify some roof jargon!

1) What is a fastener?

A fastener is a roof term for “nail.” That’s it. It’s what nails your shingle to the roof.

2) Is there a difference between asphalt and architectural composition?

No. Asphalt and composition mean the same thing. It’s just the shingle that goes on your roof. Architectural is just the style of that shingle.

3) Is there a difference between shingles and shakes?

Yes. It really comes down to thickness and installation. Both are cedar, but shingles are thinner and shakes are thicker. That’s the main difference.

4) What’s the metal around the chimney?

The metal around your chimney is called “flashing.” Some people call is step flashing, counter flashing, pan metal, upper pan metal or lower pan metal. All you need to know is that it connects your chimney to your roof so no water gets through.

5) What is the pitch of a roof?

The pitch of a roof describes how steep it is. If you hear 12×12, that’s steep. 3×12 is super shallow. Basically, for every twelve inches across, a 3×12 roof rises three inches.

6) What is tar paper?

Tar paper is what goes underneath your shingles and on top of your plywood. Some people call it felt paper or synthetic paper.

7) What is a drip edge?

A drip edge is the piece of metal that hangs at the very bottom of your roof and goes into the gutter. It ties the gutter to your roof so water doesn’t come behind the gutter and go down into your fascia.

There are plenty more, but I’ll leave it there for now. If you have any roof jargon questions, just give Roof Life of Oregon a call.

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