Homeowners never want to hear the words, “Your roof is beginning to rot.” Unfortunately for this homeowner they have some severe roof debris issues which is causing their roof to prematurely rot.

Daniel White shows us the initial issue with the valley overflowing with debris.


Let’s go over here and talk about debris in a valley. This house actually has a metal valley. That’s good. The problem is, see all this debris? This debris is backing up like crazy. It’s very important to have this debris removed off of the house at least once a year. What’s happening is, all this debris is backing up inside this gutter, the water is then working its way back up underneath the shingle on both sides. Underneath there’s actually dry rot going underneath, you can see the drips underneath the gutter, it’s actually starting to rot the wood all underneath here. We’ll get a picture of that in just a minute.

Here is Daniel White showing us the wood rotting from underneath:


This is the bottom side of that valley we just talked about with all the debris backing up. You look here and you can see the water getting around the outside of that gutter. A little bit of dry rot going on here and quite a bit of water getting in and that’s because of the debris. It’s actually just filling up that gutter; all that water is backing up getting up through the plywood and then coming down on the inside.

Don’t let your roof get to this point. If you can see the debris laying on your roof it’s time for it to be blown or cleaned off. Give us a call at (503) 925-0125 or request a roof inspection today.

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