As far as your roof is concerned, the weather this year served up enough severe conditions to fill five years.

It all puts a potent pounding on your cedar shake, tile, or composition shingle roof. Enter Roof Life of Oregon. Sure – we beat up the yukkies and nasties, but Roof Life also inspects homes for what you can’t see – underneath – that leads to drips, drops, and leaks.

For close to 30 years, Roof Life’s been laddering our way up Portland area homes to inspect roofs and prevent leaks with proper maintenance.

Of course preventive care is what Roof Life is known for, and it always costs less long term, but if you need a quick fix, we’ll be there, too. Roof Life. CCB number 125-208.

So before winter fades in through this full colored fall, schedule a check-up for your roof. Find out what you need to keep your roof working right and looking good.

Remember, a leak problem – detected early – can save you hundreds – even thousands of dollars. It’s just a smart idea to get your roof checked every three to five years.


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