Throughout RoofLife’s 33+ years serving the Portland area, our advertising has evolved from trekking door-to-door and meeting with individual neighbors, to flyering whole neighborhoods on rollerblades.  We have even done the ever-popular search engine gigs, such as Angie’s List. The methods that have proved most productive for us are radio and word-of-mouth from our satisfied clients. Radio advertisements have been the most efficient and effective method for us to share our heart and soul with our community, and we wanted to lend a bit of insight into why and how we advertise so our clients get a better understanding of how it all works, and some of its limitations.

Every so often we get feedback, both positive and negative, directly from our clients regarding our ads.  The overwhelming majority are positive and praise the creative, informative ads we use, as well as thanking us for the humor our ads brought to their day. But occasionally we receive corrective counsel about the frequency of the ads, or an objection to the program during which our ads sometimes play. We are appreciative of all of the feedback we get- especially when a new client calls because of them!
First, a little about how radio advertising works. When we approach a station’s sales team and tell them about the demographic we’re trying to reach, they let us know how many listeners tune in and when. Currently, we advertise with 9 different radio stations, reaching about 1.2 million of Portland’s 2.4 million listeners. We’ve been told that this is the perfect blend for market saturation. We pay to advertise on the station, and the station plays our commercials 24 hrs a day. They choose the drive times (scheduled blocks of time) in which our ads will play, and we only require that their loyal listeners hear our commercial roughly 3 times a week. If the station has more time to fill than they have advertisers to fill the spots, then they “gift” those advertisers they already have with extra air time.
While we do choose the station we advertise on to reach an audience, it does not mean that we choose specific programs to advertise during, nor does it mean that we support the views of those programs/hosts.
Radio is an effective medium as most Americans listen to just under 2 hours of radio per day. We run our commercials for 30 days, and rotate four different formats each run. Our goal is to be persuasive but not overwhelming. The average person needs to hear an ad 7 times before they will act/call a company for their services, so our goal is for a listener to hear our ad about that often each month. So if you are station-hopping between the nine different stations we advertise on, you may be getting an overdose, but our hope is that when you need well-care for your roof, we will be the company you call.
A lot of time and effort goes into our advertising and we’re very grateful to our community for being so responsive. We hope this lends more clarity to our process and always appreciate feedback!

Thank you for letting us help your roof become our roof.

The RoofLife Team

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