I was recently out at the property where my wife and I were married; it’s a historical site near Champoeg Park. The woman was showing me around and pointed out a beautiful log cabin home that was moved and rebuilt within the last two years.

This is the kind of place where they have community functions; the actors get dressed up in period gowns and play the part as if it were the 1800s. It’s pretty cool.

When they rebuilt the home, they hired a roofing company to install a brand new cedar shake roof. Normally, that’s not a big deal; it’s easy to do. Well, about a year and half after it was installed, water started coming into the cabin.

The day I was there it was pouring rain, so I actually got to see the water coming into the building. I took a look and realized that this roof was installed completely wrong. They just sat the shake down on top of one another; it wasn’t nailed to anything. I’ve never seen a roof like this one. I couldn’t even walk on it.

When I saw how poorly it was installed, I asked her about the warranty. She told me the roofing company only gave them a one-year warranty. A one-year warranty on a brand new roof.

That’s not normal. It’s a huge red flag. The bare minimum for a roof warranty is five to ten years. The state requires ten, so I don’t really know how they got away with this.

The worst part is, this is a non-profit organization. They don’t have funds to throw around on a failing, two-year-old roof.

We’re trying to work out an economical way to help this non-profit out, because, unfortunately, cedar shingle is extremely expensive. This is a $60,000 project. The company that installed this roof has put the organization in some major turmoil.  

Roof Life of Oregon believes in lifetime workmanship warranties. We know that with our level of quality installation, your roof is not going to fail due to workmanship. Sure, there are manufacturer defects, but we’re going to represent you in those cases, and help you work through those issues.

When you sit down with us to build your new roof, you’re going to know who we are, what to expect from your roof, and every single component that goes into it. And we’ll explain our lifetime workmanship warranty so that you know what’s included in your price.

If you are given a one, two, or three year warranty for your brand new roof, that’s a major red flag. Call Roof Life of Oregon to learn more about the only roofing company in Portland with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

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