Modern architectural shingles should not be used on a low-slope roof. Water will eventually work its way under the shingles, and you’ll end up with a leaking roof.

Architects design some really beautiful houses. Unfortunately, they don’t usually consider water flow. And if the builder hires the cheap contractor to install the roof, you’re probably going to end up with some problems.

A low-slope roof might rise one foot for every twelve feet across. Architects often design two big dormers coming down into a low-slope area. That causes a dead valley. If the roofer installs architectural shingles, water just can’t make its way off the roof.

As roofers, we have to work with what the architects design. If we’re working with a low-slope roof, it’s not wise to choose architectural shingle. You might not see a leak for five to ten years, but eventually, you’re going to have some problems.

Get a hold of Roof Life of Oregon, and make sure your roof is installed with proper materials for its pitch and slope.

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