At Roof Life of Oregon, we’re constantly observing roof ventilation issues that eventually lead to premature roof failure. Some of the problems and results we’ve examined here on the blog include curling roof shingles and too many can vents. On a recent day out in the field, we saw a home with a roof ventilation overload that we have not recently discussed on the blog.

To the untrained eye, this roof appears to only have a power fan for roof ventilation, but if you look really closely you can see the ridge line looks different. This ridge is actually using what we call a ridge vent. A ridge vent is commonly used in place of can vents, providing roof exhaust, and the same amount of ventilation without the big black squares all over your roof. Many homeowners desire a ridge vent because they believe that it blends into the roof line and provides a more attractive home.

The problem with having a ridge vent AND a power fan is the roof has now circumvented the desired ventilation result. In the case of roof ventilation, more is not necessarily better. What we would prescribe in this particular case, is to choose one or the other: the ridge vent or the power fan. Having both systems in place is causing the air to move rapidly at the top of the roof and more slowly at the bottom. In fact, the power fan is pulling air from the ridge vent not uniformly through the entire roof.

If your home has been obscenely hot this summer you may have a roof ventilation problem. Roof Life of Oregon has trained its roof consultants on the most effective roof ventilation techniques that will allow for proper heating and cooling and save you thousands in energy costs. Call (503) 925-0125 or request a free roof inspection to ensure your roof isn’t prematurely failing because of your roof ventilation.

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