If you didn’t get a chance to read our post about roofing material, and paying for a disheveled composition roof, than the roof pictured below may appear to have a serious roof ventilation issue. One of the first signs of a improperly ventilated roof is curling shingles which it appears to be the case for this roof.

If we didn’t tell you that this type of shingle has a natural lifting and checkerboard look, then the picture below would be a dead giveaway that this roof has a roof ventilation issue. We’ve discussed in a previous post about the issue of roof ventilation overload and the roof image displayed below is another great example of poor roof ventilation layout. This roof is using both a ridge vent and a power fan for roof ventilation. The combination of a ridge vent and a power fan will cause an undesirable effect on your roof ventilation system, circumventing the desired result.

If your roof looks like this, and you didn’t pay for the curling style, than your roof is giving you a hint that it’s time for your roof to be inspected. Roof Life of Oregon provides free estimates to help ensure your roof looks good, works right, and lasts longer. Give us a call at (503) 925-0125 or fill out one of our online roof estimate forms.

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