It might surprise you that seven out of ten roofs we inspect on a daily basis for maintenance are under-ventilated. Most of these roofs are of the architectural shingle type. Some very popular Portland Oregon roofing contractors put these roofs on in the last 13-15 years. Their popularity will prove to be short lived, as their oversight will cost Portlanders millions of dollars in the lost service life of their roofing material.

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) stated in 2007 that the number one cause for premature roof failure in the US is due to improper roof ventilation. Why is this happening? Perhaps one reason is that most low cost, high volume, roofers use roofing crews that get paid by the footage. Speed is the key! A supervisor stretched thin can only catch so much. The roofing contractor working on small margins will let things slide. A homeowner getting 15 years out of his 40 year roof takes a distant second to his immediate needs. Spending 30-40% more in energy to cool and heat your home doesn’t even concern this roofing contractor. Sounds like a real self-centered jerk, doesn’t he?

The type of damage your roof structure and roofing material will experience is the roof granular falling off into the gutters, spider cracks in the fiberglass mat, the underlayment plywood will bow and delaminate, and poisonous molds, mildew, and fungus can grow in your attic space. If a under ventilated roof is left to run its barrage of problems the homeowner will have to replace the plywood, spray the attic space for mold and mildew damage, cut in the right amount of roof ventilation, and then re-roof it again. The roof shingle manufacturer wont help you with the costs of your replacement because their warranty was voided when the roof contractor under ventilated the roof!

As one of Portland’s premier roofing contractors the first thing that Roof Life of Oregon does when called to your home for a roof replacement proposal is we check the attic. Correct roof ventilation is a top priority to getting the full service life out of a roof system. Both intake as well as exiting air is important. For every 200 square feet of attic space a roof needs 64 cubic inches of intake/exhaust. This will keep the roofing as cool as possible and create a barrier of active air that will save you 1000’s of dollars. We don’t stop there either; we continue roofing your home by installing complementary roof components that will last you a lifetime. A roof engineered to last a lifetime. That’s why Roof Life of Oregon has Portland’s only transferable lifetime workmanship warranty.

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