How can a roof, that’s exposed to the weather equally on all sides, only wear along the ridge line?

This type of question is ok to ask. This past week Ken Wheeler was driving through a neighborhood, took this picture and caught himself asking this very same question. How can a roof only wear out along the ridge?

We maintain a number of homes in this community and know that the age, environment and weather have an effect on the whole roof, not just the ridge. So, why would a contractor replace the entire ridge and only perform minimal repairs everywhere else? Could it be that from a distance the new ridge makes the roof maintenance project look complete and finished, or does the addition of a completely new ridge give false confidence that the roof is more secure than it previously was? I don’t know. We would have to ask the roof contractor who did the job.

The roof ridge is an integral part of the roof structure, but individually it does more for the roofs appearance than other roofing components. When rain or weather falls onto the roof, only a very small amount actually hits on the tip of the roof’s ridge. However, the main body of the roof and valley is hit with the majority of the weather, which should be cleaned of debris and inspected regularly. The ridge has a limited amount of weather hitting it and can be maintained by a simple tightening or re-nailing to maintain its basic “V” structure.

Don’t get me wrong, we replace worn out ridge caps on roofs everyday, but our difference is in our evaluation. When we evaluate your roof we consider all of the components, along with other factors that will help your roof work right, look better and last longer. Our objective is to make your roof go forward. If you’re interested in learning how Roof Life of Oregon can help move your roof forward please call 503-925-0125 or fill our on roof inspection form.

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