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Roof Replacement Review from Dave K. and Maurene G. in Lake Oswego

Posted April 22, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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Here’s a review we received from Dave K. and Maurene G. in Lake Oswego:

My wife and I came to your company as we had heard your radio commercials and were impressed by your sincerity. We were looking for an honest appraisal of the condition of our homes 17 year old roof. Tony met with us, explained your company, its core values and your organizations mission statement. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

We contracted to have a complete roof replacement as we were interested in a high quality roof that looked great, one that would add value to our home, a roof that worked right and would last as would be evident by the workmanship and the pride of installation.

Every commitment made by Tony and later Daniel was met or exceeded during the 5 day process of replacing the almost 4,000 sq feet of roof. From the crew’s arrival each morning, you’re caring enough about your employees to have sanitation facilities on site, to the clean-up every night. I was so
impressed by the professionalism of your entire crew(s). No loud radios blaring in the neighborhood, friendly workmen who clearly knew what they were doing, installation of the highest quality of materials. Each day Daniel checked the job, each day our home and property were well cared for and treated with respect. Daniel is an outstanding representative of your company. He demonstrates, through his actions that he really likes his job.

Tony stopped by several times to insure that the job was following his commitments. He kept us informed and current with the progress. Here is another professional who clearly likes what he does and is truly an asset to your organization.

I work close to the construction industry and your company, by far, has found a pride of ownership amongst its employees, a concern for your customers and a level of professional skill that I have never seen before. Your crew demonstrated why your commercial was filled with your own sincerity. Each of your staff deserves a huge “Atta-boy” because they believe in you and your leadership and the quality of your company.

Thank you Patrick, Tony and Daniel as well the artists you have on your installation crew. I know it sounds strange to refer to a roofing crew as artists but the work they did is truly a “work of art” in our eyes. We will warmly tell our story to anyone who inquires about our homes roof. Our home looks marvelous.

A VERY Satisfied Roof Life of Oregon Customer

Dave Kaiser & Maurene G.
Lake Oswego

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