Aging affects everyone and everything- including your roof! And the only way to really know where your roof is at in its aging process is to get up there and perform a well care check-up.

It’s just like going for a preventative check up with your doctor. You want to know what’s going on with your kidneys and liver to make sure your body is functioning properly. The same thing goes for your roof. That’s what we do at Roof Life of Oregon. We’ve created a well care check up so that we can make sure your roof keeps the water out of your home and lasts you as long as possible.

Sometimes we get up there and the roof is just shot. It needs to be replaced immediately. But other times, we find that if you just leave it alone and don’t do anything at all, you might get another two to four years out of it. Now, you might have to deal with the look of the moss for those few years. At that point, the moss is embedded in the shingles and removing them would do more harm then good. But at least you’re getting a few extra years for your money.

Well care check-ups also help us stay up to date on what kind of maintenance and treatments your roof will need to keep the moss from getting out of control in the first place. Most of us are double income families now and no one wants to come home to a roof caving in and a big mess. With our no-leak, no-growth warranties, you’re covered for three to five years for any leaks or damage they cause. So we can provide you that peace of mind, too.

Let us help you get to know your roof a little better. It’s a big part of what keeps your home safe and secure. We want to make sure it stays that way.


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