Beyond just looking good, it’s important that your roof is reliable and performs well. We’ve got to check on your roof every three to five years, depending on the type you have, to make sure we keep it running at the top of its game.

When it comes to maintenance, the first thing we want to consider is moss growth. When moss becomes the boss of your roof, it lifts the shingles and water gets to the nails. Continual bathing of your nails corrodes them out and saturates your plywood. Now you have an expensive problem because you’ll have to replace that plywood during a re-roof.

We also have to keep the debris blown off of the roof. Don’t get me wrong- we won’t be cutting down any trees. This is Oregon, after all. But we do want to use compressed air to keep it clean. And if we are re-roofing, we’ll put on a roof that can handle the debris and storm surges we get in Portland.

As we manage your roof for reliability and increased performance, we’ll also be checking anywhere that could create a hole. We check your can vents, and pipe vents, chimneys and skylights. Any time there is an intrusion of water running down the roof, we have to make sure a leak doesn’t happen.

The number one driver of roof replacements is a leak. These other roofers will come out and tell you that just because you have a leak, it’s time to replace your roof. Well, that’s not always the case! With a little maintenance, you might get another five to ten years out of your roof.

When you’re looking for reliability and longevity, we need to get out on your roof every now and then for proper care and maintenance. We’ll do maintenance that’s non-invasive, do high volume, low pressure cleanings, manage the debris with air, and check key points where there could be a problem. Call us to get your roof on our well-care checkup schedule and let us increase your roof’s performance.


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