When you look at the two roofs displayed below which one, in your opinion, looks better?

The roof on the left is a Roof Life of Oregon roof that was treated about one year ago. Our pH changing self-cleaning treatment takes time to schluff off the yukies and nasties. When the sun comes out, you can spot a Roof Life of Oregon roof from several blocks away. The sheen is white that helps beam a healthy natural looking cedar shake roof. We’re a Portland roof maintenance company that takes our craft very seriously.

The roof on the right is a roof that was put on by another Portland roofing contractor. To get the red-like hue, the contractor used a chemical called Copper Napthenate. Unfortunately for this homeowner, their roof will degradate at least 2x faster than a Roof Life of Oregon roof. Homeowners that realize this, or simply call us to perform roof maintenance, run into a major problem. The only way we can repair and treat a stained roof is to powerwash the stain off.

If your shake roof is looking red, black, or dark gray it’s time to give us a call or fill out our free inspection form. Now is the best time to have your roof treated and by next summer, because our treatment is rain activated, you’ll have a white beam projecting from your cedar shake roof too.

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