Here’s how opting for the cheaper, no-caulk pipe flashing will cause rainwater to enter your home.

It’s worth having us come inspect your roof to make sure the rubber on your pipe flashings hasn’t deteriorated in the Portland weather.

Here is the scripted video for your information:

“I want to talk a little bit about pipe flashings on a roof, this is an architectural composition 3 tab and this is a 2 inch pipe flashing that’s ventilating probably a tub, really likely a tub on a 2 inch, and this is a no caulk pipe flashing and you can see this is probably 12-14 years old and this pipe flashing is bad. In hard rain water is going to hit the pipe and run right down into the building, this lets water in there, not a good thing. We replace these on homes, we look for them all the time for being bad and we’ll pull this whole unit out and put a new one in and your good for another 15 years. A permanent solution would be a lead pipe flashing fits over the tops of this with a cap, it would be a permanent solution, some clients opt not to do that, and they just want to go the least expensive method and that’s putting a new one of these on. Again this is an example of a failed pipe flashing, this would be a cause of a leak and I wanted to point that out.”

~ Patrick Morin

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