When heavy rain or severe weather occurs, are you confident that your roof is prepared? Sometimes freak weather can cause an unexpected leak or two. This Roof Life of Oregon client had a few leaks occur during March and called us to come identify the source of the problem. What were found were a lot more than a few problem areas. The client was not prepared or ready to do a partial roof replacement on this side of her house.

What she needed, and what we often do in sudden leak situations, was for us to put together a ‘band-aid’ solution that would help keep the water off her hard wood floors until we could perform a more permanent solution. In my experience, I have seen roofs with one or a maximum of two shims used per roof. [A shim is a thin piece of metal that is used as a spacer to fill gaps between the roof deck, or house interior, and the great outdoors] On this particular home, you can see this roof has seven shims used in this one area. I’m not a roofing expert, but this is an obvious indication the roof in this area needs to be replaced.

From this view you can see another ten shims being used, which again are only a temporary solution. They are temporary because they will eventually blow off your roof. Additionally, more leaks will pop up, especially with a roof that is as worn as this one. Fortunately, this homeowner has a few months before trouble pop ups again, giving our crews plenty of time to get her on the schedule.

The important thing to remember is, roof leaks are an indication of a severe roof malfunction. Not all leak incidents lead to a roof replacement and not all roof replacements include the entire roof. This homeowner still has a North and East side that are maintainable and will last potentially 10-15 more years. If you had a roof leak this past winter, and didn’t have it inspected, please give us a call or fill out a roof inspection form to have one of our roof consultants come take a look. As a Portland roof replacement company, we take our craft very seriously. We believe that with just one inspection, we can help stop leaks and other long term damage from occurring.

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