We had a client a couple of years ago that had a bad skylight, skylight seal, flashing and vent. We diagnosed the issues and told him what we needed to do to fix it all. The cost was under a thousand dollars, but the client decided to do it himself instead.

Fast-forward two years. His roof has some moss problems, so he calls us out for one of our free maintenance inspections. I get on the roof, walk over to the section we wanted to fix two years ago, and almost fall through the roof. Seriously.

His DIY fix was all wrong. He didn’t actually stop the leak; he just diverted the water to another part of the house, so now the plywood was completely saturated and wet-rotted. Instead of a maintenance fix, we now have to take everything apart: his brand new skylight, all the plywood and shingles, and completely redo it. We have to rebuild that entire side of the roof, which is a major undertaking.

His old quote for repairs- which was under one thousand dollars-  is now well over three thousand dollars. Makes that original quote look like a cheap roof repair by comparison.


Sunken roof from wet-rot

If he had let us make the needed repairs in the first place, he would’ve saved himself a lot of time, money and headache. Let Roof Life of Oregon handle the repairs so that you can sleep easy. (And dry!)

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