During the past two months, May and June, we’ve experienced nearly 7.5 inches of rain. On a yearly average, Portland Oregon receives 47 inches of rain; meaning, your roof has endured 15% of its yearly rainfall in less than 60 days!

Think about it…

What could you endure 15% of your yearly total of in less than 60 days?

Your paycheck? Your bills? Your husband or wife’s meatloaf?

If you can’t handle it, why would you expect your roof to be able to handle it?

Now, more than ever, is the time you need to be thinking about your roof. Like your car, which needs regular maintenance including oil changes, your roof should be inspected at once a year to ensure it’s functioning at its highest level possible. Normal weather patterns causes your roof to experience degradation at normal rate. This is using the assumption that you have your roof on a regular maintenance cycle, have the proper roof ventilation, and live in an area without any surrounding trees. If you’re missing one of those three pieces then your roof degradation rate is higher than normal, but can easily be fixed.

If you are not treating your roof every three to five years (every three for architectural shingle and tile, and every five for shake), then you can help extend your roof’s life by treating it with our WPC-R5 or RCC roof cleanser. It’s not necessary, if your roof maintenance company is doing their job, to clean your roof every year. If you have to clean off or treat your roof every one or two years then you’re using the wrong company!

If you are starting to see the granules from your roof in your gutters and your home is scorching in summer and freezing in the winter, then you probably have a roof ventilation issue. All of our roof consultants are trained and qualified to help you reduce energy costs and improve your roof ventilation system. Poor roof ventilation causes 9 out of 10 roofs in the United States to age prematurely. Chances are you probably have a roof ventilation issue too.

If you have your roof maintenance plan and roof ventilation dialed in, you may STILL have issues preventing your roof from lasting as long as possible. ITS ENVIRONMENT. The great northwest and more specifically Portland Oregon is known for their beautiful tree heavy environment. The natural beauty the trees provide can also be a natural terror on your roof. What can you do to prevent them from wrecking havoc on your roof? Having your roof regularly blown. It depends on your environment, but annual to bi-annual blows are typical for heavy tree area homes.

Record rainfall is tough on your roof, but you can still maintain a beautiful looking and working roof with regular roof maintenance, proper roof ventilation, and blowing your roof off regularly if the environment dictates it. The first step to maintaining your roof is requesting a roof inspection. You can request an inspection by calling (503) 925-0125 or filling out our convenient roof inspection form.

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