There are multiple different styles and sizes of shake roofs, but the main distinction is pre-treated or untreated. A pressure treated shake roof is going to last you much, much longer than an untreated one, but only if you get the right roofing contractor to install it for you.

Using raw, untreated shakes is basically like cutting down a tree, making into a shake and putting in on the roof. You’re going to need repairs on that thing within seven to ten years, and that’s only if it was installed perfectly. With a treated roof that was installed well, you might see some of the thinner shakes start to erode around year fifteen.

It’s not just the quality of the roof that matters. I was on a twelve year-old shake roof the other day that’s going to need to be replaced just because the roofing contractor used the wrong fasteners. The shakes were pre-treated and beautiful. But contractor’s use of galvanized staples instead of stainless steel caused the pressure treated shake to eat that metal fastener and ruin the roof.

It happens all the time. The homeowner gets beautiful shakes, but opts for the lowest bid contractor who doesn’t always have experience installing shake roofs. They say, “Yeah, I’m a roofer. I can do that.” But they’re really composition roofers and don’t have the expertise for shakes, which are more artisan.

Shake roofs have a low carbon impact, are a natural product, will insulate your home, and reflect the weather better than most other roofs. They are great for our area. But only if you get quality shakes and have a quality roofer install them. Don’t waste your money. Call Roof Life of Oregon.



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