For weeks we’ve been educating you on what a poor roof maintenance or installation looks like. We’ve explained the pitfalls of using zinc strips and even where moss grows on your roof.

Today we’d like to share with you what a quality cedar roofing project looks like. The difference is pronounced and unsurpassed by our competitors.


Hi this is Patrick Morin, Roof Life of Oregon, its February 12th today 2010, and we’re standing in front of a recently completed shake roof we completed about three or four months ago. This is a tapersawn resawn one inch shake. I wanted to talk to you about the different looks of wood as there are in architectural shingles and tiles and metal. This is an example of a wood roof that has extremely straight lines. You’ll notice how all the keyways are even and there is space so that debris can get out of there, water can traffic out of there. Notice the quality of the shake the shape edges the uniform thickness. Also our roof to wall flashing, you’ll notice we rounded the edges, we cut them into the corners of the siding so that the water can pass by, and so the water can go underneath that siding trim. As we move across looking at this home, its got a unique look, it makes the home unique in its neighborhood. You look at the valley over here that transitions into this front nook, it’s a very uniform valley, very, very, angular. It makes a difference; everything on this roof makes a difference. Here’s what’s most impressive about this roof. Not just the look, not just the quality of wood that can’t be gotten but anywhere else but Roof Life, is that it’s backed by Portland’s only lifetime workmanship warranty. This is a 50 year shake with a lifetime workmanship warranty, not found anywhere else in Portland except Roof Life of Oregon.

As previously stated, you’re not going to find a difference between the roofing materials roofing contractors use. If you want a one inch tapersawn resawn roofing material any roofing contractor can purchase it for you. The difference if going to be in the components and workmanship provided. As Portland’s only lifetime workmanship warranty provider, we challenge you to find a better quality roof than a Roof Life of Oregon roof.

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