Yesterday we noted all the things that will be making an appearance on your roof this Winter Season. As part of our week long focus on getting your roof ready for Winter, which officially begins Monday December 20th, today we’ll examine the act of being proactive rather than reactive.

The import thing to remember is you can’t weather proof your roof, but doing something is always better than doing nothing. We hear from clients all the time, “I just want my roof to make it through winter,” because no one wants to worry about their roof when they should be spreading holiday cheer to their loved ones. Unless you physically get up on your roof and poke your head around it’s nearly impossible for homeowners to tell if your roof has a problem. Even when you get up on the roof do you really know what you’re looking for? Does your wife or husband really want you climbing up on a ladder just to have a look around? The way the weather has been the past couple of weeks we actually recommend you DON’T get up on your roof.

“I just want my roof to make it through winter”

Instead of taking the risk of getting up on your roof why not let one of our certified and training roofing consultants come out and inspect your roof for free? All it takes is a phone call [503-925-0125] or filling out a simple form for us to fire up our vans and ladder up to the tip-top of your home. If you’re not convinced that winter can play havoc with your roof, just take a look at the picture below. As a result of not being prepared, the Metrodome roof collapsed this past weekend in Minnesota. Don’t let this roof become yours, call Roof Life of Oregon today.

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