It used to be the only choice for homeowners. If you wanted to take care of your roof, you pressure-washed.

Is it ok to be pressure washing my roof? If I’ve heard that question once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. I would always answer them with the same answer: Our crews are trained and experienced and we use a type of pressure washer that uses a high volume of water with a moderate amount of pressure. They were built to do exactly what we are using them for.

All of the information I gave to my clients was true and we did the best we could with the technology available.

In 1998 I began to research products and processes that could preserve cedar without having to prep it by a pressure wash. After two years of looking I found Dennco Chemical Company in Eugene, Oregon. They had a product that could be applied to shake roofs that were aged and covered with destructive growth and as long as the roofs were free of debris it would clean the roof of black fungus, green algae, and moss.

The product will keep the roof preserved for five full years just by changing and controlling the PH of the roof’s surface.

I also like the fact that ground water was no longer being wasted through pressure washing of the roof and that the products provided by Dennco Chemical to Roof Life of Oregon were 100% environmentally friendly.

Finally, my favorite thing about these unique treatments for your cedar roof by Dennco Chemical: Roof Life of Oregon is the only place in the greater Portland area were you can find them!

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