There is a myth in the roofing industry that doing a roof pressure wash is a safe and effective form of roof cleaning. Fact: pressure washing your roof will cause its lifespan to decrease not increase.

Patrick D. Morin shows us exactly what happens when you choose a company that says they’re going to pressure wash your roof.


Patrick Morin, Roof Life of Oregon, its June 22nd, 2010. We’re on a 40 year old architectural shingle that a homeowner had someone with a low experience mode pressure wash his roof. Lots of people are worried what damage happens to roofs when you try to maintain them. I’d like Bryan to show you a little bit of what happened to this beautiful roof. They were trying to remove the moss, and these are actual holes that have been patched temporarily till this roof gets replace, but if you look over here, you can see the scaring that the pressure washer did all over this roof. He ruined the roof. So basically, now the homeowner has to replace it. Up here you’ll see where holes have been put through the roofing and they’ve had to be patched temporarily. We’re going to have to replace this roof, but it’s important when you want to take care of the roof that you have a professional high-experienced take care of it otherwise you end up with something like this. It even got to the point where as they got close to this valley over here they put holes through the roof and it had to be re-done. Now its been determined that in order to sell this home this whole area, 400 square feet of roofing, has to be replaced. It’s important that the method and the machinery have to be matched in order to do a nice job in roof maintenance. This is an example of what happens when neither of those come together. Cheap equipment and low-experienced technicians ruin roofs.

To learn more about Roof Life of Oregon’s high volume low pressure roof cleaning method visit our roof maintenance page.

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