Today we complete our three part series on presidential style composition roofs. On Monday, we discussed what corners roofing contractors can cut. On Tuesday, we discussed the systematical approach a roofing contractor should take to ensure your roofing project is properly completed. Today, Daniel White will cover what a roofing contractor will do if they know you can’t see it.


The same thing happened on the other side of this roof. Climb up on the other side and notice the seams. The seams continue all the way along the backside, but it’s the backside of the roof the contractor figures the homeowner will never see it. Let’s show you something else we noticed when we were walking across here inspecting. The backside of this vent, notice that big seam, again, wrong. This is completely wrong. So now you have a seam here, papers already starting to get exposed here, already getting dry and brittle. When this home gets a leak it’s most likely going to come from this area right here or up on those seams there. So we’ll call the homeowner when we down let them know what we found, try to see if we can help them. Luckily this is actually something we can fix relatively easy, it’s going to take some time, but not too bad we won’t have to take off the entire roof. We’ll just add another course to the top, put a new cruise cap along here, fix this over here and give the homeowner a roof that’s going to last a very long time.

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