We continue our series on presidential style roof today after learning what corners roofing contractors can cut on Monday. Today, Daniel White explains the systematical approach a roofing contractor should take to ensure your roofing project is properly completed.


This is another little thing that a lot of contractors miss. We have to work on two sections of your roof that meet at two different transition points. They’ll start over there in that corner and they’ll also start down here. Now they need to measure as they climb to the top and make sure they meet up right here nice and level. They work their way all the up to the ridge they have nice straight lines all the way across. Now notice this line, it looks good, it looks good, aside from the ridge caps it looks good, and his course is starting to drop. So you’ll notice we’re missing the tabs across the top here. Let’s zoom in really close here and you’ll notice a seam. These should never be exposed. None of these seams in this type of shingle should be exposed. There should be a tab covering the top of this there should have been one whole other course above it and he continues on like that all the way down. Look at all those exposed seams. When the guys are putting on nails there could actually be nails right directly below the seam and that’s when we get leaks inside the home.

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