Composition roofs, more specifically presidential style composition roofs, are becoming more popular because homeowners perception is they are easier to maintain than a shake roof. Unfortunately, there are many things that can go array when the roofing contractor puts your new presidential roof on your home. Daniel White explains what corners contractors may cut because they are not visibly noticeable from the ground.


We’re in Tigard today and we’re here to take a look at a roof to give an estimate on cleaning a little bit of moss that’s starting to grow on this roof, removing a chimney, and give a basic inspection of the roof to find out if there are any other problems the homeowner might not know about. Something homeowners just can’t see from the ground is extremely visible from the top. Notice the color of this ridge. This section is the correct color it matches the shingles, but the contractor when he was putting on his roof looks like he ran out of the right one. So rather than going to his local supplier, and to get the right color, most likely he found some of these in his truck and decided to finish it. Because from the ground it’s not that noticeable.

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