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Portland Cedar Shake Roof Installation, Part 2

Posted March 29, 2009 by Patrick Morin
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Let’s look at how the cedar shakes are installed, the type of stainless steel fasteners we use, our roofing safety procedures and how it all comes together to make the best quality cedar shake roof in Portland.

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Here is the scripted video for your information:

“This is one of our crews that are installing shakes and Antonio is our crew chief, he examines the shakes, applies the stainless steel fastener, we are using a half finger width between the shakes, In Oregon we have a lot of debris and a lot of moisture and this allows the shakes to dry out better and for us to be able to compressor blow off the debris, you need to have space between the shakes. You’ll notice how he is lacing the shakes into the Feltex underlayment it is over the one layer and 4 inches under the layer above it, this gives a weaving effect that allows the roof the roof to wick the moisture off and keep itself healthy. We always follow safety procedures, all of our men are tethered to permanent anchors on the hip of the roof above and then when we’re done we use that exact same anchor to put a permanent anchor on all of our roofs because we believe that a maintained roof will look better, last longer, and will work better to bring you more peace of mind than a roof that is neglected so we automatically include safety hooks an all of our roofs. “

~ Patrick Morin

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