Here are some of the components we use to install a cedar shake roof in the Portland area. Top quality shakes, expert installation.

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Here is the scripted video for your information:

One of the things that make a Roof Life roof the best is the type and kind of shakes that we use. As you can see this is a 5/8” 100% vertical grain shake made for us and we couple that shake with Feltex. It is 50 times stronger than felt, its not effected by retained moisture by the wood, and it will last as long as a high quality shake roof will. We use stainless steel fasteners to put down our shakes, we also on the bottom row, called a starter course, we use a pre treated #1 shingle, highest grain quality but also pre treated, so as the roof wicks out or dries out, the last part of a roof that dries out is the bottom 3 feet so we know that the area that will be wet the longest so we use a pre treated shingle, even when we are using a raw shake. These shakes should last you 20-30 years if you take care of them. If they are pre-treated they actually come from the manufacturer with a 30 year warranty on the 5/8” and a 50 year warranty on the 7/8”. Because we match the components, all the pipe flashings are lead, all of the metal is baked enamel, the fasteners stainless steel, the Feltex underlayment, the high quality shakes, you get the longest lasting best workmanship warranty roof in Portland.”

~ Patrick Morin

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