In this episode, Jerry visits the venue where he was married to inspect a roof leak on their property. The roof was installed two years ago and is already in failure. The company only gave them a one-year roof warranty, which is your first clue that they’re going to do a bad job. Find out more in this episode.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB022-172:

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking today with Jerry Becker. Jerry, you were telling me before we recorded sort of, it kind of sounds like a horror story, for a person that got a new roof, but only got a one year warranty. And that didn’t turn out so well for them. What happened?

Jerry: So we had this client call us up and it’s actually the place where I got married, and so we have a little bit of a relationship with them. Well, they called us up to come and take a look at all their properties, and she took me around to all the buildings and said, “Hey, we need a new roof for this one. What do you think about this one? But here we have this brand new building that wasn’t here when you got married.” And it’s a beautiful building. It looks awesome. She goes into a little bit of a story and apparently this is a log cabin, it’s a historical log cabin, that was down by the river at Champoeg Park. It’s a little park here. It’s a historical place. And they tore the log cabin apart, and they numbered all the pieces, brought it up to the main historical site and they rebuilt it. Well, in the process of rebuilding, they hired a roofing company to install a brand new cedar shake roof on this home. Normally, not a big deal; it’s a historical home; easy to do. Well, about a year to a year and a half after it was installed, they started getting water coming into this log cabin. Now, this log cabin is a place where they have community function. It’s where they all get dressed up in their period gowns and their period dresses and they play the part as if it were back in the 1800s. Really kind of cool. I got to see the last part of it.

And it pouring down rain the day that I was there. And I got the opportunity to see the water come into the house. There’s so many times that people have us come out that we don’t get to actually see the water coming in to see the problem. So it was really nice to see it on this project. What I noticed is when they set the shake down, they just laid the shake on top of each other. It wasn’t nailed to anything. So it was just a free floating roof, which is not correct. And they used the complete wrong wood. It was completely wrong. So I started talking into okay, so when was this installed, she goes, “It was put on two years ago now.” And I go, “What about the warranty?” And she told me the roofing company only gave them a one year warranty. A one year warranty for a brand new roof?

Shayla: And that’s not normal.

Jerry: That’s not normal at all. It’s not even close to normal. The bare minimum we see is five to ten. The state requires ten. So really don’t know how they’re getting away with the one year. I really don’t. All I know is this is a non-profit place and it’s not like they just have funds to throw around. Nobody had funds to throw around at roofs that shouldn’t be failing already after a year or even two years. I tell people, when people ask me about warranties and they say, “Oh, my neighbor got a great roof. It was put on two years ago.” The sad thing is, a lot of times, you won’t see a problem with your roof until it’s too late, until the warranty is done.

Shayla: So do you think the contractor new that this roof was going to fail, and that’s why they only gave her a year? Do you think there was something going on like that?

Jerry: Definitely, without a doubt. Based on how it was put together, there is not a roofer that I know of, and I some pretty, eh, roofers, that would still be able to put this roof on better than this was. I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never seen a roof installed the way it was. No nails. I couldn’t even walk on the roof, because if I would’ve walked on it, I would’ve stepped right through it.

Shayla: So would you say that is a red flag, if a company offers you a one, two, three year warranty? I mean, you should probably get a second opinion, right?

Jerry: Hands down, yeah. There should never be a roof with only one year warranty. The way we look at it, there should never be a roof installed without a lifetime warranty. We know because the way we install our roof, it’s not going to fail. It’s not going to fail due to workmanship. Are there manufacturer defects that come up? Sure, there are always going to be manufacturer defects, but we’re going to be the representative to help you work through that and install your new roof?

Shayla: Did you guys help this person out then? Did Roof Life get to go out and fix her issues?

Jerry: We are currently working on them. We trying to work out an economical way of helping them out, because it is a non-profit and sadly, the material that’s on their log cabin is cedar shingle, which is an awesome product, but right now, in today’s market, it is extremely expensive, and when you don’t have a lot of those funds to back up a project like this, this is a $60,000 project that they have $500 budgeted for. That’s an exaggeration, but that’s really what it comes down to is this is not in their plan, this is not in their wheelhouse to fix. So because of what this company did, it’s putting this organization in turmoil.

Shayla: So if someone needs a new roof and has already gotten that first opinion and they hear they get a one or two year warranty, do they just call you guys up? Will you come out and kind of walk them through what your warranties include?

Jerry: Oh yeah, definitely. When we sit down with you, you’re going to know everything about us, you’re going to know what we’re taking care of, you’re going to know exactly what is in your roof, because you’re choosing the components that go into your roof. You get to drive the price. You get to drive what is on your home. This is your roof, this is your house, so we’re going to install it the way you want us to, with the products that you want, with a warranty that’s going to back it up. And that’s really worth its weight in gold for as many as leaks as we go to. This year has been the most rain we have ever seen in Oregon. The most hands down. And we have seen so many roofs fail that did not need to fail because they were installed incorrectly.
Shayla: Alright, so if you’re in the market for a new roof and you’ve gotten a bid and they tell you it’s a one or two year warranty, make sure you reach out to the team Roof Life of Oregon before you make any big decisions. You find online at Thanks, Jerry.

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