In this episode, Daniel discusses some of the reasons that other contractors will bid your roofing project at a lower cost than Roof Life of Oregon. Sometimes, it IS just as simple as “you get what you pay for”. Find out why.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB026-191

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon. I’m talking today with Daniel. Daniel, when we are bidding out a re-roofing project, why might another contractor in Portland be less?

Daniel: That’s a great question. There’s so many different parts and pieces and the way roofs go together. We’ve talked about it in the past between hourly work roofing contractors and by the piece roofing contractors. So when you’re paid by the hour, you’re going to work slower to get it done correctly. When you’re paid by the piece, the incentive is to go fast. It brings the price down, so you get a cheaper roof. The problem is, why are they going fast? Are they missing things?

When we give a re-roof estimate, before we even do that, we climb in the attic. We want to see what’s going on inside the house so there are no surprises. It doesn’t mean we’re going to catch everything, but it’s going to narrow that, so that we’re going to be able to see what’s going on. We climb up on the roof, we take a look at every little part and piece and say, “That’s going to be a problem down the road. Let’s correct that now.”

Case and point, went out to a customer that has a nasty leak. We’re getting ready to go into winter and so he’s freaking out, because he found a leak getting into his wall. He cut away the dry wall and found it had been leaking for a long time. So let’s back up to when the roof as redone.

The original roof was a wood shake roof. He decided he didn’t want the shakes anymore. He put a beautiful, presidential trilaminate. It’s the thickest, long-lasting roof you’re going to find out there composition wise. He hired a contractor thirteen years ago to do this. They tore it all off, they put down plywood, and then they put the shingles on. Well, there’s this nasty area where the two roofs come together into a valley. That valley then feeds right behind this massive chimney. There’s a gutter that feeds underneath it and then there’s a piece of what’s called pan metal that all of that water has to try to push it out. It’s just not working.

The other roof, matter of fact, left the old pan metal, put the plywood right on top of that, and so for all of these years, because it was never corrected on the re-roofing project, it had been feeding water in there and causing all kinds of rot. You know, when you look at the roof, at the big picture, the roof is going to cost a certain amount. There are add-ons and different parts to that roof. This chimney change, with the valley, would’ve been about $1,500 to make that change. You add that onto the re-roofing project, it’s a part of it, you know that’s the cost. It’s $1,500. Add it to the job- to the total.

Now that it’s been thirteen years, caused the rot, has to go back in, we have to tear it all apart and redo it, it’s over $6,000 to make that correction now, what should’ve been done the first time. Now, not only is he going to have to have us do this before winter gets here, it’s never going to match. Even though I know the exact product, the exact color, it’s had thirteen years of the sun, the rain, and the wind beating down on this roof. Everything changes. Your car sitting out on its driveway, if you get a knick or a scratch ten years later, and you went to use touch-up, it won’t match. And that’s because the sun bleaches things. So I’ll get it done, we’ll get it corrected, but it’s always going to have a little bit of different color in that area, because you just can’t make it match. So why is another contractor cheaper? What are they missing? What are they skipping on? And is it something that you’re not going to know?

Most roofing warranties are five, seven, maybe ten years for the workmanship. So now he called this other contractor, it’s thirteen years ago. Guess what? No warranty on the roof. Nothing. So make sure that the contractor’s doing what they’re supposed to. Why are they cheaper? There’s got to be a reason.

Shayla: You know when you work with the team at Roof Life of Oregon, you are working with over thirty years of experience in Portland, so they are going to do it right for you the first time. If you have any questions about anything Daniel spoke at about today, you can reach out to him and the team at Roof Life of Oregon. Thanks, Daniel.

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