In this episode, we talk with Patrick about how your roof affects your home’s curb appeal- especially when it comes to real estate transactions.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB030-210

 Shayla: You are listening to Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Patrick Morin. Let’s talk a little bit about curb appeal when you’re trying to sell your home. How can a great looking roof make a big difference in the real estate market?

Patrick: Great question. You know in the last 12 to 15 years in the Portland area they’ve they really have changed the architecture of these roof designs. So a lot of them are pretty steep, meaning that when you look at it you’re thinking – no way can I get up on my roof. That kind of steep. The thing about it is in Oregon our rain’s about a 5.6 on the Ph scale. Then we have our maturing trees that have all developed and also created an acidic environment. So these roofs end up getting quite a bit of black rot fungus and algae and moss growing on them. And if you’re in and under or around trees, downwind from trees, your roof just gets buried in tree debris. The drain areas the inside corners are called valleys. They all get full of junk. And so one thing that’s important for you to know and I, know that you’re addressing it because I see people all the time are painting their home they’re refreshing their front entry.

They’re cleaning their concrete. You know they’re trying to get everything on the outside looking nice. They’re making their landscape look you know clean and neat and inviting, but this roof has become 50 percent of your home’s appearance. So not only has a roof certification help you in selling your home, but got to go just for the appearance. If you have a clean looking home, a clean looking roof, they go together. If you have a beautiful landscaped yard, nicely mowed, plants trimmed, beds done out, the roof needs to match that, because in the human experience, that’s congruent. Everything is consistent as they think through the process. They’re not thinking that you’re a cheapskate in the deal.

They’re not thinking that you’re hiding something, they’re thinking, hey,  this roof looks good from the top to the bottom. Let’s take a look inside, or I can’t wait to see the backyard. And so appearance is a huge deal. We have this one home that we’re currently working on that’s in a West Linn neighborhood that was a street of dreams 27 years ago. And it is amazing house, just the size of it, the driveway the, landscaping, the siding. Inside it’s just immaculate. I mean, you walk in there you just can’t believe ii, but when you stand on the curb as if you’re a new person coming to the home, the roof’s a 10-12 pitch, pretty good slope to it, the roof is black with green growth on top of it and moss growing everywhere, and it just looks like ugh! Because all that beauty that I just described about the home is lost in an unhealthy appearance of a roof.

So the one thing I shared at these clients is OK you’re going to go to market in April. We have time to apply a product that will self clean this roof off. So you’ll get that natural beauty of cedar wood or tile or composition. In this situation it was cedar. It will clean it off. The repairs will blend in. You’ll have a kind of a uniform, beautiful, light tawny brown cedar roof. It’ll show off this house. It will be like the crown on top of the whole estate. So that’s one thing I said now, these repairs that need it need to be done. They are super important for the certification. Dormers that need to be resealed.

Super important for your certification, but what the homeowner is going to first see when they pull up to this multimillion dollar home is does the roof invite me to look more? Does the roof look healthy, clean and beautiful? And so don’t overlook that- a healthy, beautiful home is the number one driver why people call Roof Life of Oregon for well care. Then the second thing is I don’t want it to leak. And the third thing is I want it to last longer. So look good, work right, and last longer. But in real estate it’s a mix of super, super importance: certified, but look good.

Shayla: When you are putting your home on the market and getting ready to show, don’t forget about one of the biggest investments, biggest asset of your home, your roof. If you have any questions about that real estate roof certification, reach out to Patrick and the team at the Roof Life of Oregon.

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