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Podcast: Why Roof Life Is Becoming a Hi-Tech Roofing Company

Posted February 21, 2018 by Jerry Becker

In this episode, we talk to Jerry about the increasing level of technical knowledge and application Roof Life of Oregon is using to stay ahead of the crowd. Jerry has been working on developing a new form of roofing software that gives us the ability to be transparent with our clients at every level of their roofing project. From personalized video bids to complete roof replacement options, we have the technical know how and experience to get you the answers you need.

Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB031-213

Shayla: Thanks for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Jerry today. Jerry, how is Roof Life of Oregon high tech and how might that actually benefit the homeowner?

Jerry: We’re high tech in a lot of different areas. Roof Life has been around for a long time and we, up until a few years ago, we very low tech: paper, paper trails, files and things laying everywhere. Recently, we actually decided to create our own software program, because we wanted to be able to communicate with our clients better. We want them to see what their actual roof is doing, not like sample pictures or anything like that. We want you to see what’s going on. So some of the things that we have done to actually bring ourselves out of the paper age, not saying paper age is bad, but we do move with everybody else. One of the things that our clients love that we do is we take videos of your roof.

So our consultants get up on top of your roof, just to give you an example of how this works, and you call us up with a question or concern, we’re up on the roof, and we take our camera out, we take our phone out actually, and we take a video of all the things that we see. We address the issues or the concerns that you have and we give you ideas on how to take care of it and give you a remedy of it. And then we upload it to our program and we put it all in this neat little package, we email it over to you, and you actually all you have to do is just click a link. You get to watch the video of your roof of what’s going on and then at the very end you get to see how much it’s going to cost, and all the things that we have suggested to you.

It’s very transparent. It just lets us communicate with you better, because you’ve never been on your roof, most cases, and some people really like to see their roof. They’re like, “wow, so this what thirty-thousand dollars gets you,” for a new roof kind of thing. And so most people just don’t know that kind of thing, they don’t know the components. And you’re not supposed to. So let us go up there and we’re going to take a video and let you know what’s going on.

Shayla: And I hear that you actually can fly a drone, is that right?

Jerry: Yes, I can fly a drone. I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of fun. The drones are fun, they really are, but it’s not just that they are fun. They are really a great resource to let us know what’s going on with the roof, because there are some roofs that are way too dangerous for us to go up onto. This allows us to get right into it, look at the roof, look at the condition of it, and we’re still able to give you a total solution of what we’re able to do for the roof. It’s great for measuring and I like to go clear up high in the air, take a snapshot of it and send it to the client, because it’s not very often you get snapshot of your roof or your house. People really like that.

Shayla: Talk a little bit about the kind of more old-fashioned technology liek the compression regulators and why that’s important.

Jerry: Yeah, so you don’t always want to move with the times. There are some things that the old school technology is the best technology out there. One of the things that we do that’s very important when it comes to re-roofing your home is the use of our nail guns. Every company uses nail guns, and when you’re watching your neighbors getting their roof put on, you’re going to see like three or four nail guns going at the same time and you have one air compressor. There is a really cool little piece that goes on the hose that’s called a regulator. What the regulator does is it basically makes sure that that nail gun has the same air pressure for every nail that goes in. The reason why that’s important is because we go to a lot of homes and the nails are either have too much air pressure and it goes through the shingle and the shingles fall off your house, or there’s not enough air pressure and the nail sticks up and the shingles never sit down. So by having this old school technology regulator on your gun, it just allows every nail to be in there perfect. That way your roof has a better chance of lasting longer, and most importantly, it’s going to give you a manufacturer’s warranty, because if you have nails over driven or under driven, you don’t have a warranty.

Our clients tell us on a daily basis that they really enjoy the videos that they get on their roof and it lets them know things that they never knew even existed. And that’s the reason why we do it. We just want you to be more informed, more educated, that way you can make the correct decision for your house.

Shayla: If you have any questions about the kind of technology Roof Life of Oregon uses or would like to get a well care check-up, make sure you reach out to the team today. Thanks, Jerry.

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